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Travel around the globe, visit your favorite destinations like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, UK and experience its rich culture, full of thrill and excitement, bringing a mesmerizing memories in your life.

Visitor Visa Canada

A Canada tourist visa is also known as Canada visitor visa or Canadian temporary Resident visa (TVR). Canada tourist visa is a temporary Canadian immigration which allows tourists to visit Canada for the purpose of tourism and leisure. A maximum period of six months is granted for the Canadian tourist visa.

Canada tourist visas are of two types and both the visas are valid for a fixed period and cannot be used after they expire.

  • Single entry visa
  • Multiple entry visa

A single entry visa allows the visa holder to entre Canada just once. A multiple entry visa allows a visitor to come and go from Canada for 6 months at a time, without having to reapply each time. The multiple entry visa can be valid for up to 10 years, or one month before the visa holder’s passport expires, whichever happens earlier.

Tourist visa Eligibility:

  • You must have a valid passport.
  • You must have the financial resources to pay for your expenses while in Canada.
  • You plan to remain in Canada for a specific and limited period of time.
  • You intend to leave Canada at the end of your visit.
  • You must not have any intention to seek or undertake employment while in Canada.
  • You must agree to abide by the laws of the land.
  • You may be required to undergo a medical examination.

Visitor Visa Australia

Australia is a rich mix of cultural history, from aboriginal traditions to the diversity in the days of colonial Australia and the brave bushrangers, to the diversity in culture which is found today. Australia being the largest island in the world, boasts with 50,000 km of coastline and the majority of the population line close to the coast.

Tourist who wants to enter Australia must have tourist visas. For the interest of tourist, there are numerous cities where one can experience the beauty and rich culture of Australia. Cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide etc. have a variety of offer in gourmet dining, fine wines, exciting sporting events and festivals and celebration unique among the region.

There are different travel visas depending on the needs of the traveler:

  • The short travel visa:this visa is for travelers who intend to visit Australia for a short period of travel, or visit family and friends.
  • Electronic Travel Authority visa or ETA: some people are able to apply for the ETA visa, depending on the country of origin. This type of visa is processed electronically and allows for some flexibility in travel.
  • Business visitor visa: this visa is for people who intend to travel to Australia for business purposes lasting less than 6 weeks. This visa is also valid for multiple travel periods.
  • Business ETA visa: this visa allows people from the approved country list to visit Australia for business purposes. Depending on the interest of the people, this visa may be granted both short-term and long-term, which allows people to fully explore their opportunities.

Visitor Visa New Zealand

New Zealand is a small country, similar in size to Great Britain or Japan with the population of only four million people, it’s also gloriously uncrowded. Situated in the South West pacific, New Zealand consist of two main Islands- the North Island and the South Island. About one fifth of the North Island and two thirds of the South Island are mountains.

New Zealand has over 15000 km of beautiful and varied coastline. In the far North and on most of the East coast of the North Island you will find long sandy beaches perfect for swimming, surfing and sun bathing.

Travel visa requirements:

  • A complete signed application for visiting N.Z. with a recent passport size photograph.
  • You may need to provide an evidence of your financial support while in New Zealand.
  • For a limited period visa, you may need to provide evidence of onward travelling and also need to produce any other documents or information if required by a visa/ immigration officer.
  • Your passport is required along with your application for visa. You must also have a passport that is valid for at least 3 months past the date you are to leave for New Zealand.

Visitor Visa USA

Visitor visas are nonimmigrant visas for persons who want to enter the United States temporarily for business (visa category B-1), tourism, pleasure or visiting (visa category B-2), or a combination of both purposes (B-1/B-2). The US is a great country to visit as a tourist, spend your holidays, and at the same time it is great to do business in. Anyone wishing to enter the US temporarily for business, pleasure or medical treatment purposes has to qualify for a US Visitor visa.

A B-2 visa is a known immigrant visa that permits tourists to only temporarilyto visit the United States.B-2 visa holder is allowed to remain in the states for a maximum of six (6) months. While in certain cases, this visa holder may be allow to stay up to 1 year. B-2 visa holders can undertake city tours, can go sightseeing, call upon family and friends or, if needed, receive medical treatment in the US. In some cases, a B-2 visa holder is allowed to change his visa status during his stay itself for engaging in employment or to undertake full time study course.

Visitor Visa UK

Travel visa in the United Kingdom is one of the most common type of visa which is used by individuals for the purposes of visiting family, tourism, or visiting on business. The basic requirement of visitor visa is that the applicant must be able to show that they intend to visit the UK for no more than 6 months and they will leave the UK at the end of their visit. It is also required to demonstrate that the applicant has sufficient funds to maintain and accommodate himself.

The UK’s Standard Visitor visa has replaced a number of previous Visitor Visa categories:

  • Family Visitor visa
  • General Visitor visa
  • Child Visitor visa
  • Business Visitor visa, including visas for academics, doctors and dentists
  • Sports Visitor visa
  • Entertainer Visitor visa
  • Prospective Entrepreneur visa
  • Private Medical Treatment Visitor visa
  • Approved Destination Status (ADS) visa

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