The reach extended by the United States over the entire globe is almost unmatched. They are considered the most powerful military and economic power and not without reason. Being the most diverse of all countries, the USA is home to a lot of exotic tourist attractions like the skyscrapers of New York, beaches of California, Yellowstone natural wonders, Florida, Hawaii and also a gamblers paradise Las Vegas. The attractions are so diverse that a traveler often gets confused on how and where to start. If you are a first-time traveler to the USA chances are that you would be overwhelmed and intimidated all at the same time. This nervousness, however, will not last long if you have an itinerary charted out. Make sure you know the different cities in and out so that you will have a smooth traveling experience.

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Here is a small guide as to where to start will give you a picture on how to get going with your travel.

San Francisco – This city is in northern California and is the main financial and cultural center. The destinations are sure to take you by surprise regardless of what type of tourism you are interested in. From fashion to sports to entertainment, you will get everything you ask for. Take a bus tour of the city in order to explore every destination. The museums, theatres and of course neighborhood like Chinatown and Fisherman’s Warfare amazing places. Wineries are another must visit when in San Francisco. The world recognizes this great city with the attractions such as the barking seals, seafood and Fisherman’s Warf, bistros, gardens and also its museums.

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Phoenix, Arizona – Rightly called “the valley of the sun”, Phoenix has extremely sunny weather making it a perfect travel destination. The resorts and golf courses are sure to make you excited. The heart of the city downtown district houses most of the attractions. All the restaurants, shops, and sports centers are located in this area. A lot of the city’s historic monuments and structures are located around the Glendale area and Heritage square. Tempe is where you will find a good number of entertainment places which buzz with nightlife. The museums and art galleries are very famous. The most famous Arizona science center, Hall of fame firefighting museum and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary art are few of the attractions found in Phoenix.

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Baltimore, Maryland – Baltimore is located on the eastern coast of America and is home to an important port which has a large harbor. It houses a number of tourist attractions like the inner harbor, city center, Camden Yards and also west side. The nightlife at Fells point area is well noted for. The national aquarium, the Basilica of the Assumption, Robert East Lee memorial park are some of the famous must-see tourist spots. You also cannot miss the Maryland zoo safari experience.

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Honolulu, Hawaii – Situated in Waikiki, Hawaii is very popular for housing the sandy beaches. You are sure to feel relaxed and sunbathed too. Honolulu is situated on the Island of Oahu and is so filled with attractions. You wouldn’t miss seeing the Diamond Head volcano even if you wish to. If you are the sporty kind, you will be amazed to find different water sports on offer at the Mamala Bay. Traveling in Honolulu may pose a problem as the streets are clustered. You will benefit from renting a vehicle as there are a lot of parking facilities available. The entertainment is, in fact, unlimited and you would find yourself amazed at the monuments, art galleries and recreational activities available. A few of the attractions you cannot miss are the Aloha Tower Marketplace, the State Capitol Building, Hawaii Maritime Center, the Hawaii State Art Museum, and the Battleship Missouri Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

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Tampa, Florida – The western coast of Florida houses the city of Tampa, which has a seaport and a lot of waterfront areas. Tampa is called the cultural center of Florida for a good reason. It is home to two huge universities and a grand Tampa Bay arts performing center. Tampa is perfect for a holiday as it has a number of beaches. The most noted tourist attraction is the Busch gardens which are a very famous theme park. You need to check out the Florida Aquarium, the Weeki Wachee Springs, Dinosaur World and the Raymond Stadium that hosts many football games. One of the popular festivals is the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, which is held in the month of January every year.

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Seattle, Washington – Being famous for its waterfront, the city of Seattle is situated between waters of Puget Sound and Lake Washington. It is home to a number of historic neighborhoods. If you are visiting this great city never leave without passing through Fisherman’s Terminal, Boeing Factory, the Smith Tower Observation Deck, Safeco Field Stadium, Hing Hay Park, and the Seahawks Exhibition Center. Offering a spectacular view is the Space Needle, which is, in reality, a must see. Other places worth a mention are the Science Fiction Museum and the Seattle Art Museum.

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While planning your vacations to the USA you can take the assistance of professional visa consultants who deal with tourists/visit visa. You being, a citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States must first obtain a visa, either a non-immigrant visa for a temporary stay or an immigrant visa for permanent residence. Visitor visas are nonimmigrant visas for persons who want to enter the United States temporarily for business (visa category B-1), for tourism (visa category B-2), or for a combination of tourist visa consultancy both purposes (B-1/B-2).

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